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Re: self identifying computer

On 05/06/18 10:56, mick crane wrote:
I changed the domain name for couple of home computers from "local" to "home"
one of them is win 10 PC.
I have ipfire box doing hopefully firewall and DNS and so while I changed domain I let all get address from its DHCP and gave them fixed leases.
I have 2 debian PCs
I try to find IP address of a cheap IP cctv camera I just bought with no instructions.
I do "nmap -sn" to see if camera shows up
oddly finds PCs but gets "I'm here" from the windows PC but on the old IP address I had previously given it in windows networking thingamyjig.
any idea where this identification might be hanging about ?
everything works but it just doesn't look very tidy.
I should point out I don't really know what I'm doing.

Your Windows PC will likely continue to use the static IP address set under Windows, as you told it to. If you want it to use a fixed IP address assigned for its MAC via DHCP, remove the IP address setting in Windows and let it use the address assigned via DHCP. Consumer-grade routers do not enforce IP address assignment so DHCP leases are just a suggestion (but like TCAS suggestions should be followed to avoid collisions).

The IP cctv camera might be getting its address from DHCP. You could try looking in your router DHCP lease table and eliminating known devices to deduce the IP and MAC address of the IP cctv camera. If you have no instructions or interface, I assume you have connected it over ethernet.

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