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Re: Thinkpad T420 resume from sleep via laptop lid doesn't work

Am Freitag, 1. Juni 2018, 17:12:01 CEST schrieb Ryan Nowakowski:
Similar problem hier on my EEEPC since over a year:

Going to sleep (suspend-to-disk), then when it has to wake up, you can see, 
the memeory content is loaded into RAM, after that it shuts off and boots 
again from BIOS.

No problem with suspend-to-ram.

I filed a bugreport a year ago and mentioned this also in the forums, but 
since then, no one cared. 

Maybe you the trouble of the same reason like me. 

Runnig here debian/testing (32-Bit) , but saw it also in debian/stable.

 Maybe some day it will be fixed. Maybe not, who knows. :)

Best regards


> Hello All!
> I have a T420 that doesn't resume when the laptop lid is opened.  I put
> it to sleep by closing the lid.  When I open the lid, the disk indicator
> flashes and then stops.  The power button led remains pulsing as if it's
> still asleep.  If I press the power button at this point nothing happens.
> Resume from sleep seems to work fine if I put the laptop to sleep via
> dbus with the lid still open and then resume by pressing the power button.
> I have tried both Stretch(stable) and testing with the same issue.  I
> have upgraded the BIOS to the latest(and what a chore that was).  I'm
> out of ideas.  Has anyone seen this particular problem before?  Any
> suggestions?
> Thanks in advance!
> Ryan

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