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Intermittent blank screen – Stretch

I have just installed Stretch and and randomly getting a 2 second (or so) blank screen. I can go for quite some time without it happening, or it can happen several times over a few minutes. I can dual boot with Jessie and do not have the problem with that – so I think I can rule out a hardware issue.

I have an Nvidia GTX1050 video card, HDMI output to a Samsung 49" TV, 4K video. There is no other type of input into the TV for me to be able to test.

Here is what I have done
1. Installed Stretch (amd64) with XFCE
2. apt-get install firmware-linux nvidia-driver nvidia-settings nvidia-xconfig
3. run nvidia-xconfig
4. turned off screen blanking in power settings

I am quite happy to spend time troubleshooting, but don’t really know where to start. The blanking happens too quickly for me to be able to do anything at the time.

Does anyone have any thoughts?



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