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Re: package won't configure, stuck in queue

On Wed 30 May 2018 at 09:24:44 (-0500), Charles Zeitler wrote:
> recently synaptic pulled in initramfs-tools, as a dependency.
> it froze before fully configured, and i killed apt.
> now I get the message to do "sudo dpkg --configure -a"
> whenever i use apt/synaptic.
> when I try "sudo dpkg --configure -a", however, it also freezes before
> finishing configuration.
> is there some way to remove initramfs-tools from the queue?

You could look at   dpkg -l   or   apt-get check
and see whether the problem lies with just the one package.

If there are several, you could try    dpkg --configure
one by one rather than en masse.

You could try reinstalling initramfs-tools with   dpkg -i
(might need force as it's partly done).

One of the configuration steps is    update-initramfs -u
so it might be worth checking if there's a damaged
initrd.img that's causing it to stall.


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