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Re: Very light "private" cloud

Michelle Konzack wrote:

> It has something to do with it, because normally I would code things
> I need myself!  Since my house is not ready and I have move out on
> 31th from my provisory flat and continue living in my Sprinter, I have
> not the possibility to code anythin currently!

I don't know how excellent developer you are, but when I hear "I can code it
myself" many red lights flash.

Anyone could code anything - it is just matter of time - to learn coding, to
develop skills and to code. But this is not the end, after coding you need
testing and so on. So if you sit down to code something from scratch that
means that you have found a niche.
I don't know if this logic applies to your case, but it would be wise to use
some kind of collaboration framework ... and well about the database - I am
even not sure if what you state is true. But I leave it here. I heard about
your background, but it is going OT.
I just wonder why you choose Estonia, but it is also OT - I have a friend
that offers server space - hosts located in EU and he admins his own
servers - so everything is under our control there (more or less) - I have
one free domain slot/IP - for about 40€/y with all you need - let me know
if interested. It uses Installatron with tons of tools to install and some
kind of cloud should be there too, though I have not looked for long time
at the software list, but it could be that you find something useful.
contact me off list 


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