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Cannot get crashdumps on iSCSI-booted system


I'm trying to get the crashdumps (to start getting them automatically later) on an iSCSI-booted buster/sid, but after issuing "echo c > /proc/sysrq-trigger" all I'm getting is the system hangup - no dump, but the system seems to be locked - and no panic screen or whatever. Everything is frozen up. However, I'm getting crashdumps when booting from local disks. The problem is - my production hosts use iSCSI for booting, so I really need to get these crashdumps whil on iSCSI. I know that Linux isn't able to write the crashdump on "local" disk when this "local" disk is iSCSI, so I've set up the NFS crashdump resource - but to NFS activity is happening when I'm triggering the panic.

Is there some trick that I'm unaware of ?



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