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Re: Encrypted containers & the Debian installer.

 ---- On Wed, 16 May 2018 07:42:42 -0700 David Wright <deblis@lionunicorn.co.uk> wrote ---- 
 > On Tue 15 May 2018 at 23:05:10 (-0700), Diagonal Arg wrote: 
 > > On my first tries with the Debian installer, I am struggling with the limited resources for installing to encrypted disks.  I am using the same technique I have used with Ubuntu, but failing at the last step: 
 > >  
 > > I create my luks disk(s) before-hand, then run the installer.  I find I have to anna-install cryptsetup-udeb, as there is no such choice in "Load Installer Modules".  Dropping to a shell, opening the disk, and  re-detecting hard drives allows me to carry out the installation (as long as there's a filesystem in the mapped device), but on reboot I'm at an initramfs without cryptsetup.  So I use a debian-live to pivot into the system to create a crypttab.  I find I also have to install cryptsetup.  Then I run update-initramfs.  Here is where I'm stuck.  The new initramfs still does not include cryptsetup.  Why is it not recognizing the crypttab? 
 > Are you not seeing the last line in this screen excerpt? 
 >   ┌────────────────────┤ [?] Load installer components from CD ├────────────────────┐    
 >   │                                                                                 │    
 >   │ All components of the installer needed to complete the install will be loaded   │    
 >   │ automatically and are not listed here. Some other (optional) installer          │    
 >   │ components are shown below. They are probably not necessary, but may be         │    
 >   │ interesting to some users.                                                      │    
 >   │                                                                                 │    
 >   │ Note that if you select a component that requires others, those components      │    
 >   │ will also be loaded.                                                            │    
 >   │                                                                                 │    
 >   │ Installer components to load:                                                   │    
 >   │                                                                                 │    
 >   │    [ ] choose-mirror: Choose mirror to install from (menu item)              ↑  │    
 >   │    [ ] crypto-dm-modules-4.9.0-2-686-di: devicemapper crypto module          ▮  │    

David - thanks, but crypto-dm-modules does not include cryptsetup.

And, even when I anna-install it, it doesn't help with the other issues I mentioned above.

 > Cheers, 
 > David. 


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