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Re: USB Install Fails, Complains about CD-ROM


Mike Kupfer wrote:
> I used sha256sum instead of sha512sum, but I otherwise followed
> the above instructions.  The checksum from the dd pipeline does not
> match the checksum of the original .iso file.

That's not good.
Especially we do not have to show up at grub-devel as long as the test
USB stick might have problems as storage device.

>   dd if=/dev/sdb count=950976 bs=2048 | sha256sum
> gives me the same result as
>   sha256sum /dev/sdb1

That's normal with Debian ISOs for "i386" and "amd64". The first partition
marks the whole ISO.

But the checksum should really match the one of the ISO image file and
the one listed in the *SUMS file.
Please verify that your ISO image file yields the checksum that is listed
in *SUMS.

> I just tried 9.4, using a different USB stick.  It fails in the same way

Does the checksum of partition 1 (or truncated base device) match *SUMS ?

Have a nice day :)


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