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Re: USB Install Fails, Complains about CD-ROM

Le 12/05/2018 à 01:04, Rick Thomas a écrit :

After doing the cp or dd to write the .iso to the USB, do you do a “sync” before you eject it?

I don't, because I don't feel the need to.
According to its man page description, sync "flush file system buffers", but the destination is a raw device, not a filesystem, so filesystem buffers should not be involved.

 Writing to a USB stick can seem to go quite fast

Not in my experience when writing to the raw USB device.
The USB drives I use have an activity light. It stops blinking as soon as the dd or cp command terminates. I also monitor block I/O with vmstat and block writes drop as soon as dd or cp terminates. If I run sync, I do not see any more activity from the light or vmstat.

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