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Re: KDE 4.4.3 in unstable

Am Donnerstag 06 Mai 2010 schrieb Boyd Stephen Smith Jr.:
> > However, whether to ship akonadi trunk/beta/final of the next version
> > is another question which is still open. In my opinion, Akonadi
> > itself is
> >
> >  pretty mature so it might be doable.
> I didn't complain well.  This is the true crux of my complaint.  I
> don't  think stable users want an Akonadi that only supports one
> backend.  If nothing else, it makes bugs harder to work around, and I
> find staying with stable generally requires working around a non-RC
> bug or two during its lifetime.
> Virtuoso, PostgreSQL, or SQLite -- any one of those as an option would
> satisfy  me, and I can't really speak for others.

SQLite or Virtuoso might be interesting to reduce resource footprint.

And it would be nice if Akonadi works via NFS, where at least regarding 
the wiki MySQL's inno db tables might be a problem. I asked on kde-pim and 
kdepim-users mailing lists. And got quite some feedback. Apparently it 
might just work if only one Akonadi is running and the network environment 
and nfs servers are stable. Fair enough for now. KMail never worked in 
mutiple instances.

And one user pointed out that its possible to use a central MySQL server 
with local filesystem for Akonadi stuff.

Well let's see.

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