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Re: Lite SMTP server/daemon

> >    qpsmtpd?  It is small, plugin-based, and also written in Perl.

> I couldn't discern, BTW, whether it supports TLS / SSL to an
> upstream MTA?  I did find this thread:
> http://www.nntp.perl.org/group/perl.qpsmtpd/2005/07/msg3404.html

  That thread, I think, is about presenting TLS to the clients
 who submit mail - rather than piping from the proxy itself to
 the upstream/"real" server.

  When I've used qpsmtpd in the past I used the `exim-bsmtp` process
 to talk to exim4 on the local-system.  That didn't involve using
 TLS, just a pipe.

  The "smtp-forward" plugin doesn't seem to support TLS either, for
 what that's worth.

  Generally I'd assume:

    internet -> qpsmtpd -> [exim|postfix|whatever on the local host]

  So the lack of TLS on the final hop hasn't been a concern to me
 personally.  I can appreciate others might disagree.


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