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kmail1 vs kmail2

Hi folks, 

due to some problems with akonadi and kmail I took a look at trinity desktop 
environment and I was surprised, how fast it works on my EEEPC. Not taht 
plasma is slow, but TDE seems rigt faster. But that is not the reason for my 

I have a question: As I have  a lot of mails in kmail2 (maildir), I want the 
same mails to be read in kmail. Whilst in kmail2 I can define the path to the 
maildir, this option in kmail1 is not available. Does someone know, if there 
is a way to tell kmail1, where the maildir is, if possible at all?
(Of course I can copy all the mails to the standard directory of kmail1, then 
point kmail2 to that one, but this is not, what I want to).

Thanks for any hints.

Best regards


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