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Re: pointless systemd dependencies

On 08/05/18 04:52, songbird wrote:
> David Griffith wrote:
> ...
>> I found someone who has already done most if not all of this analysis and =
>> has set up a repo containing non-systemd-using packages=2E  Perhaps this ca=
>> n be used as a foundation for something official=2E
>   devuan is already there (is it not?)...

Devuan is great, but if upstream packages rely unnecessarily on systemd
for any reason, then those packages may or may not have a port that is
sans systemd.  An alternative competing option may be necessary if the
"bad" package cannot be used sans systemd as required.

What we are looking at here [at a minimum] is to remove dependencies
that are actually there due to laziness rather than actually being
required; which is quite different.  If there is a "real" dependency,
then that needs to be coded around to fix it, if it, in fact, can be
coded around... which would take more work (possibly much more work).

Kind Regards

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