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Re: A long rant on Debian 9

On Mon 07 May 2018 at 15:46:12 +0100, jpff wrote:

> > 
> > > And thank you all who pointed me at the non-free installer files.  I will
> > > try that later today with luck
> > > 
> > > 
> well, modified rapture1
> i booted from the usb stick with the firmware .iso and tried an install. I
> accepted the licence for the firmware and proceeded to configure the wifi.
> It asked for the ESSID offering me the correct one, and I said it was PSK.
> It then asked for the passphrase which I provided, and then into a loop
> which network?
> which essid?
> what passphrase?

No idea on why this failed. I'd advise using a cabled connection when a
user has the choice.
> until I got bored. So it still does not configure the wifi
> So for want f a better idea I plugged in the wired network and just did a
> reboot.  Working from the tty on alt-f1 I tried to look at the network --

Ah, you did. Good. There should be no need to reboot (but it does no
harm); just go back and do the network detection and configuring again.
Stop when it is done and from a tty check with 'ip a' that the link is
up and active. 'ping www.debian.org' should confirm.

> not sure what I did but I eventually noticed the wifi was working with the
> same ip  address as the wired.  Pulled the plug on ethernet and carried on

No idea here either. You continued with a wireless connection. Depending
on what you did later, you could be doomed not to have any connectivity
at first boot.

> trying to get a more reasonable software base.  Actually got xorg/xdm/fvwm
> all "working" with missing stuff on the menus, in particular xterm.  So
> tried to install it, and then I rebooted --- no wifi now an no idea how to
> fix.

This I do not understand. You got xorg/xdm/fvwm/xterm via the installer?

> Would ubuntu give me a stable base i wonder.  I do not seem to be getting
> anywhere yet.

Ubuntu uses more or less the same installer as Debian.


> ==John ff

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