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Re: Backup problem using "cp"

On Sun 06 May 2018 at 13:55:32 (-0500), Richard Owlett wrote:
> On 05/06/2018 10:38 AM, Pascal Hambourg wrote:
> >Le 06/05/2018 à 16:22, Richard Owlett a écrit :
> >>I'm attempting to backup current partition  to a USB connected 1
> >>TB drive.
> >>
> >>I get:
> >>
> >>>root@debian-jan13:/home/richard# cp -ax / "/media/richard/MISC
> >>>backups/dev_sda14/"
> >>>cp: cannot stat '/media/richard/MISC backups/dev_sda14/home/richard/.local/share/Trash/expunged/73080846/grub2
> >>>problem-2018-02-13/grub2 problem-2018-02-13/grub2
> >>>problem-2018-02-13/grub2 problem-2018-02-13/grub2
> >>>problem-2....018-02-13/grub2 problem-2018-02-13': File name
> >>>too long
> >
> >
> >The same pattern "grub2 problem-2018-02-13" seems to be repeated
> >endlessly in the path. Could there be a loop ?
> >
> >
> Obviously ;/
> I thought I had broken the loop by specifying -x.

The looping has nothing to do with -x, and I see nothing that
indicates -x has failed in its desired effect.

The loop is generating a source filename
/home/richard/.local/share/Trash/expunged/73080846/grub2 problem-2018-02-13/grub2 problem-2....018-02-13/grub2 problem-2018-02-13
which is likely within length limits, and resides on the correct
filesytem. However, the destination filename is lengthened by
prefixing it with /media/richard/MISC backups/dev_sda14 which
takes it over the pathname's limit, which is what the error
message states.


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