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Re: Dead computer after system shutdown. - Resolved for Now

Thomas George composed on 2018-05-06 14:36 (UTC-0400):

> Box is between two tables but managed to remove side cover and with 
> mirror confirmed green light on motherboard. Unplugged power cord, green 
> light goes out, reconnected power, green light on and power switch 
> works, BIOS message Asus surge protection shut system down because of 
> unstable power supply..

> My records show I assembled this box from components in 2008. Should I 
> be worried? Expected lifetimes of cpu, mb, power supply?

Inferior quality capacitors in power supplies were *very* common 10 years ago.
New or rebuild PS likely all you need. Every PS I bought back around then (at
least 4, all 300W or more), different brands every time, and not el-cheapos,
needed cap replacement within 3-5 years.
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