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Re: Question about Running rsnapshot

Andrew McGlashan <andrew.mcglashan@affinityvision.com.au> writes:
> Hi,
> Have you got your backup areas on different file systems?

I do.  The backup file system resides on a pair of 256 GB usb
drives which are ganged together in to 1 large drive using mmddfs
and then mounted on /var/cache/rsnapshot.  The very first backup
I took was the full backup and that particular file showed an
inode number of 16.  The remaining two backups are halfday.0 and
halfday.1.  Each of those files has a working version of that
same file and one has an inode number of 11 while the other has
an inode number of 6.  Each of these backups is a different tree
with the vast majority of files being hard links to the first
backup which copied the contents of the working drive to the
backup drive.

	As I write this, I am beginning to realize that maybe only
hard links in the same directory structure will reference the
same inode and that hard links spanning multiple directory trees
can be different but contain metadata that copy the map of the
original file which was the one that was on inode 16.

	If that is correct, then thank you for helping my slow
mind to think since I was confused and expected all the hard
links to have an inode of 16.

	The purpose behind this exercise is to make sure that the
backups I am creating are good as the first or full backup used
about 25% of the total space and the other two backups hardly
added any more space.  I was able to read the contents of the
file on each of the subsequent two backups so it definitely is

Martin McCormick

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