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Question about Running rsnapshot

rsnapshot hard-links files that haven't changed to save space.  I
am doing two half-day backups and a daily each day.  Shouldn't
the inode number as in ls -i filename stay the same for all the
backups?  There is a daily.0 file plus a halfday.0 and a
halfday.1 backup and all 3 have different inode numbers for the
same file which hasn't changed since 2008.  Doing ls -l on that
file does show 3 links to it.  On the working drive, there is
only 1 which is what it should be.

	Today, daily.0 represents the full backup of the system
and daily.1 tomorrow will be a renamed version of today's daily.0
directory.  df -h looks good in that disk usage appears to be the
equivalent of one full backup even with 3 intervals of backup now
so I am curious as to why the inode numbers for hard links to the
same file are different.


Martin McCormick

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