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Re: messed up release in apt

On 30-04-18, Anil Duggirala wrote:
> > I would first use old sources.list to purge wine and follow it up
> > with
> > autoremove. But after that new, this time intended and correct,
> > sources.list with apt-get should solve problem.
> > 
> When you say "old" do you mean the sources.list without the jessie
> backports entry? Could you explain to me why exactly you would do that,
> thanks a lot for your help

By old, I was referring to sources.list with jessie backports. I wold do
that to make sure that apt will clean up all dependencies for Wine in
jessie backports. It is probably not needed and it is more than likely
overkill, but I'm always bit of paranoid when it comes to mixing up
things in sources.list, specially when backports are involved. Simply
changing your sources.list to correct backports and then doing update
and upgrade with apt should get you version of Wine with dependencies
for stretch backports. 

Sorry for possible confusion and for not explaining it bit better in
first place.

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