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Re: Installer image for installation via ssh

On 2018-04-18, Leandro Noferini <lnoferin@cybervalley.org> wrote:
> I hoped to find something "pre-cooked".

The low-tech pre-cooked solution is to remove the hard drive from
machine A, install Debian onto the drive from machine B, and then put it
back under the proverbial cover of darkness.

This is the renown Y answer to an X question.

If not, this is the closest to "pre-cooked" I've found:


In the comment area Wojciech Gomoła opines it "works pretty good
with Debian 9.1.0."

The solution does require the headless machine to be capable of booting from

If not there's 'fai-quickstart'. Don't think it involves ssh so Owlett
would send me packing. But you're not Owlett. The directions are
somewhat on the voluminous side; so I would say it's pre-cooked, but you
have to set a rather elaborate table.

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