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Re: create large ISO installation image


Brian wrote:
> > The same link gets you BD jigo files. Three of them.

Frank Hall wrote:
> Three blah blahs is of no use whatsoever in answering my original,
> clear, question.

I agree with your assessment of the quality of Brian's answer but i also
have to object your discussion style. It will not help to answer your
question, either.

So back to the original, clear question:

The clear and direct answer is: install and learn to operate debian-cd,
which to my knowledge has very few users.

But what about my proposal to add a partition to the USB stick with a
repository that is suitable for a "file:" URL line in sources.list ?
Doesn't this fulfill your intention, too ?

Another approach would be to find out what comprises a valid "cdrom:"
repository. So you could create your own ISO from an official Debian
installation ISO (e.g. "netinst"), your many package files, and maybe a
few files which you had to modify so that your add-ons get acceptable.
As soon as you have those new files ready, i could tell you the necessary
options for a xorrisofs run which creates your big fat bootable ISO.

One important ingredient is of course the "/pool" directory tree in the
ISO filesystem. Maybe there are others.

Have a nice day :)


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