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Re: is this drive dying?

Gene Heskett wrote:
> The long test was good fwtw. The only notable odd reading was head flying 
> hours, which should be close to spinning hours, but in both instances 
> must have been a 512 bit value pulled out of thin air. Buggy firmware? I 
> don't recall ever taking that model to seagates site to see if there was 
> an updated version. 
> If I buy a drive from staples/newegg etc, thats the first thing I do, 
> they buy theirs so early in a production run that they are buggier than 
> 10 day old roadkill in late August.
> The rest of you may want to keep that little tidbit in mind.

  i doubt i'll ever be buying a spinning hard drive 
ever again.  the one i have is for backups and used
once in a while but mostly is turned off.  when the
SSD gets close to being full i'll likely be able to
get one with 8x the capacity for about the same
price.  we'll see...

  compared to the good old days of spinning drums, 
punch cards, paper tapes, 9 track tapes and disk 
drives the size of commercial washing machines you 
can say that technology has certainly marched on...


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