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Re: is this drive dying?

On 15/04/18 12:02 AM, Felix Miata wrote:

Gene Heskett composed on 2018-04-15 02:47 (UTC-0400):

Wheezy on an atom board. Wheezy up to date.
This drive,mounted as /, has gone ro twice in 14 days. Doing nothing
but sitting there spinning and running wheezy's usual cron related stuffs.

Apr 14 07:54:58 shop kernel: [1221665.148392] ata1.00: exception Emask 0x10 SAct 0x7ff00201 SErr 0x400100 action 0x6 frozen
Apr 14 07:54:58 shop kernel: [1221665.148403] ata1.00: irq_stat 0x08000000, interface fatal error
Apr 14 07:54:58 shop kernel: [1221665.148412] ata1: SError: { UnrecovData Handshk }
Apr 14 07:54:58 shop kernel: [1221665.148420] ata1.00: failed command: WRITE FPDMA QUApr 15 02:23:13 shop kernel: imklog 5.8.11, log
source = /proc/kmsg started

Is this a bad, probably red, sata cable, or a drive with a belly ache?

What does 'smartctl -x /dev/sdX' have to say about it? What about the drive
manufacturer's diagnostic app have to say about it? Is the cable the wrong shade
of red?

Maybe it's one of those fancy new cables that changes colour when it's about to fail.

That reminds me of a recent "22 Minutes" skit showing a possible scenario once Canada legalizes marijuana. A police officer checks whether people in a car are stoned:

Officer: You've been sitting here for a long time.  What are you doing?

Driver: Uhhh... I'm waiting for the stop sign to turn green.

cgibbs@surfnaked.ca (Charlie Gibbs)

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