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Re: No sound in Debian Stretch

Hi, Ben.

On 10/04/18 19:51, Ben Caradoc-Davies wrote:
> On 11/04/18 10:15, Daniel Bareiro wrote:
>>  From one day to the next I ran out of sound in Debian Stretch. It's
>> strange because I don't remember making any changes and everything was
>> running without problem.
>> I installed pavucontrol to see if there is something muted, but that
>> does not seem to be the case. For example when I am playing a Youtube
>> video, in "Firefox: Audiostream" and in "Output devices" (I'm not sure
>> if that's what it says in the English version because I have the
>> interface in Spanish here) I see how the bottom bar fluctuates as if it
>> was reproducing something, but I am not able to hear any sound neither
>> by the speakers nor by the headset.
>> Has anyone experienced something like that and has some clue how to
>> fix it?

> Did the problem start when you plugged in your headset? What happens if
> you unplug your headset? Do you get sound from your speakers? How are
> your speakers connected? Is this a laptop? I have had a laptop with an
> Intel chipset for which headphone autoswitching was broken. I ended up
> disabling (commenting out) the switch-on-port-available module in
> /etc/pulse/default.pa .
> On my current disktop chipset, my headset is detected as line out (not
> headphones). I am using "Analog Stereo Duplex" in Configuration and
> "Line Out" in "Output Devices". Do you have any HDMI devices connected
> or listed as Configuration options?

The computer where I am having this problem is a Thinkpad T530 notebook.
I'm not getting sound at all, whether I have the headset plugged in or not.

Until a few days ago it was working without problems. I don't remember
exactly when I started to experience this. If it was after return the
notebook from sleeping state or at some other time.

This notebook does not have any HDMI port.

Thanks for your interest.

Kind regards,

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