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Re: hdmi from cable box in a Linux window?

On Tue, Apr 10, 2018 at 09:45:46AM CEST, Joe <joe@jretrading.com> said:
> On Mon, 9 Apr 2018 16:14:09 -0700
> conover@rahul.net (John Conover) wrote:
> > Is there a good way of getting hdmi from a cable TV box into a window
> > on the Linux screen? Anyone done it?
> There are converters for below 100 Pounds/Dollars to USB3.0. I've seen
> 1080p/60 going into VLC on a (fast) Windows laptop, although it only
> manages 1-2fps on mine. The computer seems to need to do a lot of work.
> There are more expensive converters which presumably do more themselves.
> I had the converter for a short time, and didn't try it with any Linux
> computers, so I don't know the state of USB3 video over here.

The problem that might appear would be if the source wants a HDCP
compatible HDMi display. Much more difficult to find an adapter for this.


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