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Re: utf

deloptes (2018-04-04):
> @Nicolas, I think OP does not understand you - perhaps it is not worth the
> effort. My impression is that you refer to a string (properly) as sequence
> of bytes and other refer to it as number of chars, which is not consistant
> with utf.

Not at all, I am well speaking of text string, made up of characters,
expressed as sequences of Unicode code point, and encoded as any data
structure convenient.

What I am trying to explain (not to the OP who is focussing on another
thing entirely and obviously beyond help anyway), is that if you are
thinking of stings in terms of "access the n-th char", "find the length
of the string in chars", etc., then you completely have missed the point
of them.

Find me a case where you need to access the n-th char of a string, with
n completely out of the blue, and I will explain how somebody botched
their design.


  Nicolas George

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