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Re: utf

Nicolas George wrote:

> No, the length of the string is hardly relevant, and when it is it is
> not enough anyway.

@Nicolas, I think OP does not understand you - perhaps it is not worth the
effort. My impression is that you refer to a string (properly) as sequence
of bytes and other refer to it as number of chars, which is not consistant
with utf.

>From my work with UTF, it is possible but not satisfying to guess encoding.
I wonder why no one suggested a kind of markup (xml) instead of byte

And regarding the mbox thing, well mbox was depreciated for many reasons. I
guess if it was that good it wouldn't be depreciated.

@OP, at some point of time everyone has to redesign and reimplement because
technology evolves and all the tools listed can be updated to the new
Recent example of redesign I worked with is gnupg - huge changes from v1.x
to v2.1


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