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Re: Password Manager opinions and recommendations

On 31/03/18 05:57, der.hans wrote:
> Captcha is still annoying and needs an "I am a cyborg" option.

Cloudfare is an issue, I'm growing to hate it as much as Google, perhaps

CF relies upon Google for captcha, why can't they use and create their own?

I would prefer a captcha from DDG, at least they could better respect my

The fact that Google sees every captcha going through CF is bad enough,
but CF is also posing privacy risk themselves as far as I am concerned.

Why the world thinks they need the "protection" of CF is beyond me, the
world is relying far too much on external services when they should be
getting their own house in order if they have the funds and avoid using
any and all 3rd party resources as much as possible (including CDNs).

Kind Regards

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