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some questions about cfengine3


I have several questions about the cfengine3 package that can be found
in Debian.

* binaries seems to be located into /usr/local/sbin/, is there is a
  reason for this (not important but intriguing, sounds very unusual
  from Debian AFAIK)?
* in /etc/defaults/cfengine3, there is a mention of something
  named /usr/share/doc/cfengine3/examples, but this folder does not
  exists. Since the binaries seems to not be placed in the
  usual /usr/[s]bin location, I also looked at /usr/local/share/doc,
  but nothing, and I can not find any packages that seems to contain
  cfengine3's documentation (I have manpages installed, but they don't
  tell a lot)?
* I would like to use runit to manage those processes, but running
  cf-agent -B $IP as described in various tutorials I have found
  starts (after some warning messages and what I would consider a very
  long time, but it works. Maybe a reverse DNS thing, since I
  did the testing into a virtual network without DHCPd nor DNSd, I'll
  investigate on that later.) 3 processes that goes to background. I
  would like to know if someone have some pointer about how to do that?


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