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Re: low sound


On 25. 03. 2018 22:41, Anil Duggirala wrote:
Since a couple of days, the overall volume of my audio has decreased.
However, it doesnt appear to be affecting my audio player (Rhythmbox).

I assume you are using PulseAudio and Gnome. On my desktop I've seen that sometimes some volumes get set to a low value that Gnome control panel can't seem to restore.

Run "pactl list|less" in a terminal while playing a Youtube video or Kodi. Then search for "Volume".

Set any volume that's not 100% with "pactl set-sink-volume <id> 100%". or "set-sink-input-volume". Replace <id> with the number that appears in the list (e.g. for "Sink #0" it would be 0)

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