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Re: Debian 9 sucks really badly

On Sat, 24 Mar 2018 14:01:13 +1030 Chris Anderson said:

> Hello

> Last week I bought a new PC and decided to try debian so I downloaded 
> the DVD version 9 and performed a fresh install besides windows 10. 
> Right from the off, it fucked up, Grubb was a hassle as this was the 
> default boot loader,(I have always used LILO), it would not find the 
> windows partition, I managed to fix this. Then it didn't give me a 
> choice of X windows manager, I was stuck with KDE, which I am
> familiar with and am aware of its may limitations and given the
> choice I wouldn't use KDE for installation and configuration.
> Nearly everything fucked up from the Network install to the gcc make 
> command, what a hassle and after spending nearly a week trying to get
> it all working I've had enough and am not wasting any more of my time
> on this awful software.

My experience with Debian was quite on the contrary, though. I had
downloaded only Stable (Stretch) DVD#1 image and intalled offline from
that. Grub recognized and created a bott menu entry for every other OS
in my dual hard disks. I had selected Xfce as the desktop. And
everything went as smooth as it can possibly be. Later on, I went
online and did update + upgrade, which too went without issues.

Granted, my desktop is 7 years old so all the drivers and firmware were
already included in the base system, so I didn't have to download the
latest unofficial firmware collection from
as explained in

Then I proceeded to upgrade Debian Stable (Stretch) to Testing
(Buster), and from then on I am occasionally experiencing minor and
temporary hiccups here and there, which is natural and expected in the
testing branch. I am happy with testing on two fronts:

(1) I get to use the latest program versions (which are important for
young and fast developing projects like LXQt, Qupzilla, etc.) and,

(2) I get the opportunity of modest contribution to development by my
occasional bug reports.

Abdullah Ramazanoglu

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