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Re: Debian 9 sucks really badly

Hi there!

Since DOS 6.0 and later in SuSE and Debian I learnd one thing:

Whenever things do not work, it is mostly my own fault.

So, when I hear "It's not working!" or  hardwer "This one sucks!", then the op 
mostly means "I do not know, how to fix it!" or harder "I am too stupid and 
not responsible, and also I am unwillingly to read or learn, how to fix it!"

My advice: If things do not work, Just use this friendly and helpful list, and 
ask kindly and nicely for help. Believe me, there is always a nice and kindly 

And if you know something more than somebody else, let him know your knowledge 
and enlighten him. This is the way: Give, what you can give, and take, what 
you are offered. Work hand in hand.

I myself are no coder, but when I can help, I try to do. I am not always 
correct, nor do I know much better than others, but if I think, I can help, I 

Have a nice weekend and have fun!



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