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Re: Debian 9 sucks really badly

Hi Chris,

Am 2018-03-24 hackte Chris Anderson in die Tasten:
> Last week I bought a new PC and decided to try debian so I downloaded
> the DVD version 9 and performed a fresh install besides windows 10.

This works generaly nicely, because i have it on my ThinkPad T400 too.
However, with Windows 7.

> Right from the off, it fucked up, Grubb was a hassle as this was the
> default boot loader,(I have always used LILO),

Where is the problem?  You can select in the Debian installer to use

>  Then it didn't give me a
> choice of X windows manager, I was stuck with KDE, which I am familiar
> with and am aware of its may limitations and given the choice I
> wouldn't
> use KDE for installation and configuration.

Installing KDE is a choice, you can deselect it

> Nearly everything fucked up from the Network install to the gcc make
> command,

Which problem?

    apt-get build-essential

should pull almost anything into the system which let you use make and
and gcc.

> what a hassle and after spending nearly a week trying to get
> it
> all working

Did you ask the list for help?

This list is here, to help peoples and we do not need all this
negative mails like yours.

> So thanks for wasting my time Debian and for future reference, go and
> get fucked!!!

I use Debian now since beginning of 1999 and it mostly just worked.
OK, systemd is a nightmare but I got it nicely removed.

Also some other minor problems with bluetooth and network where
dependencies are missing if you do not use systemd.
But now anything is working perfectly.

Thanks to the mailingists with all its nice and competent subscribers.

> Chris Anderson

Have a nice weekend

Michelle Konzack        Miila ITSystems @ TDnet
GNU/Linux Developer     00372-54541400

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