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Re: domain names, was: hostname

On 2018-02-23 12:54, Dan Purgert wrote:
David Wright wrote:
On Mon 19 Feb 2018 at 18:39:02 (+0000), Brian wrote:
alum is the canonical_hostname. It is used by exim to HELO with. Many
mail servers will not accept mail directly from you because it is not a

This is why I wrote "broken" at ². The OP wrote "on a home LAN",
in which case it's unlikely that they relay mail to mail servers
on port 25. More likely is that they use a smarthost with a mail
submission system on port 587 or possibly 465 (though 25 is
allowed for broken senders³).

While this may be true in many cases, my local (home) relay *only* accepts
relay requests from hosts within the scope of my domain. Granted, now
that I've moved ISPs, some remote mailhosts (hotmail, I'm lookin' at you) like to reject things. Gonna have to find what their relay is, so I can
relay through their mailserver and make it look legit.

Funny thing is, gmail, att/yahoo, and others all happily accept the

with some of the isp smtp servers you need to register other "from" addresses eg sky/yahoo
dunno if is something to do with that.

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