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Re: how to view config file changes without running an upgrade?

Yes, that is how I do it, too. 

First of all, all edited config files by me are copied to *.orig .
Doing so, I know, that these are the one of the package).

After I edited them, I copy the edited file to *.backup
Doing so, I know, these are the last edited files.

It happens, that I test some configs. After edited to testing needs, 
I copy these to *.backup1 or *.testing1
Doing so, I know, they are only used for a short time and the application have 
to be watched.

A good way (IMO) is also to copy a config file to *.date, like  i.e.
*.21032018, so I know, these are changed at 21st March 2018. 

For me, this bahaviour is working well, as I can always return to every point 
I want.

Happy hacking and good luck!

> To the OP (and all), it is probably obvious to all concerned, but, just as
> reminder, being uncertain about whether the upgrade process proceeds as
> described above ("halts and presents a prompt ..."), I would make a backup
> of the modified conf file and store it somewhere safe (rename and or move
> to a directory).

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