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Re: Federated, decentralised communication on the internet (was: domain names, was: hostname)

On Wed, 21 Mar 2018 09:00:16 +0100
<tomas@tuxteam.de> wrote:

> To put that on stronger terms -- we'd end up with two and a half
> gatekeepers for mail: Google, Hotmail (aka Microsoft) and... who
> did I forget?

yahoo for a starter, then there is that French mob OVH and the NL mob
> The same nightmare we have at the moment with the so-called "social"
> networks.
> They are already trying hard (and spam *is* their ally in that). Don't
> help them, they are powerful enough as-is.

Sspam? the above are the major sources. I've got permanent blocks on
their IPs.

In the Tl;Dr answer as to why I don't pay someone else to host my mail,
$$$ says it all. My mail server runs on my oldest hardware. It was a
P90 with 96Mb(?) ramm until a couple of years ago. now it is a PII and
it uses the same quantum 6.4Gb scsi that is has for most of its ~ 20
year life (hardware and mailer).

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