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[SOLVED] Re: Debian stretch -- Installation Guide?

On 03/19/2018 10:48 AM, Felix Miata wrote:
tomas@tuxteam.de composed on 2018-03-19 15:57 (UTC+0100):

On Mon, Mar 19, 2018 at 09:47:22AM -0500, Richard Owlett wrote:

Is "Debian stretch -- Installation Guide" available as a single
downloadable HTML file?

I find <https://www.debian.org/releases/stable/i386/> unwieldy in my
personal situation.

Does PDF qualify? If yes:


How about

	apt install installation-guide-i386

??? It's not a single file, but it is local once installed, and its directory or
.deb content can be copied elsewhere if desired.

It may have solved the problem by going in one direction while I was focused on another direction. It also has some other files which may answer some other question. Will go into reading mode ;}

Thank you.

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