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Re: XFCE and network manager

On 16/03/18 18:38, solitone wrote:
Just installed scratch with xfce4 on an oldish machine, downloading all
the needed packages through my wifi adapter.
On first boot wifi is down, and there is no application I can use to
choose and connect to my wifi access point.
I realize that xfce's own Airconfig has never lifted off and is
currently unreleased, abandoned and unmaintained, so xfce users usually
use NetworkManager or Wicd.
I would suggest that any of these is installed by default when xfce is
chosen during installation.

Did you upgrade or was this a fresh install?

task-xfce-desktop recommends network-manager-gnome (and thus network-manager) on sid and stretch:

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Transient Software Limited <https://transient.nz/>
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