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Re: No sound in Firefox

On Thu, 15 Mar 2018, Charlie Gibbs wrote:

Just as an aside, how about switching to Seamonkey? Back when Firefox brought out release 29, I didn't like what they did to the user interface, and made the switch. Seamonkey is another fork of the original Netscape code which preserves a lot of the original look and feel, as well as (for me) reliability.


  presently, I use icewweasel (ffx52) when I need sound, and ffx59 otherwise.
  That works perfectly.
  An other possibility with ffx59 is to download the file you want to play,
  and play it locally.
  By curiosity, I installed seamomkey from the tar ball, but I found
  it less powerful than firefox. For example. in firefox, you can easily
  manage the side bar corresponding to places.sqlite (CTRl-b),i.e. add
  or remove links, and this is much more easier than editing a bookmarks.html.
  Also, you can choose the different font sizes (text, toolbar,...) with
  the file userChrome.css.
  I didn't find the equivalent in seamonkey.

best regards,
Pierre Frenkiel

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