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Re: which blend caters to TaL computer programming? . . .

Exposing children to C and/or C++ should be considered abuse.  :)

No need for an emoticon there! C in the hands of an inexperienced programmer is a recipe for disaster!

Lego or smalltalk, pharo smalltalk has its own IDE so everything is in 1

Unless there's now a "Lego" programming language (news to me), could you possibly mean LOGO? Never used it myself, but but I've certainly heard good things about it. And if you're going to expose first-time programmers to ANY C-derived language, Java would be the one to expose them to.

Be that as it may, IBM VS-BASIC, on a 370-135 running the McGill University MUSIC operating system was good enough for me (and at home, I'm working on a project in M$ QuickBASIC Extended for DOS, that marks the first time I've touched a BASIC derivative in decades.)

(I miss PL/I.)


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