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Re: which blend caters to TaL computer programming? . . .

Albretch Mueller wrote:

> I have a group of kids that are very good in Math and they want to
> learn some actual programming
> My approach is to introduce them to the basics of coding using ANSI
> C, C++ and java (so they learn what pointers are about, how patterns
> are coded in different languages, ...)
> Is there a blend with those ANSI C, C++ and java as well as eclipse
> installed, so that they can use it from a DVD Debian live version?

When I was a kid (~10y/o perhaps 1983) and good in maths, we started with
Through my studies I learned a lot about brain development and brain
function. Example: from the 7-14y the logic center in the brain develops,
so everything that has to do with maths can be easily learned (physics,
chemistry etc.)

To sum up, the best approach IMO is to 
- base everything on a game (something with rules and goals)
- explain computer architecture (as part of the game) what is doing what and
what is a purpose of a program, how a computer and a program work. 
 If they are good in maths you can tell how we came to computers from Kepler
to Turing
- select a simple language (as was mentioned functional is good) to
introduce idea of variable, condition and logical operator (BASIC is good
for that), loops and simple functions
- also very useful is to combine it with something rational (example:
microelectronics + BASIC - I have seen some good sets, or image
manipulation - but I don't know how good BASIC fits there). The point is
something they would touch at the end.
- I think kids would be good with binary logic too.

Later you can go on into details like stack, memory, pointer etc.
For OOP you need a notion of ontology (inheritance, overloading, etc).
Unfort. at the time I started, there was no C++. If I recall correctly I got
my first C book in 1987.

Let me know what is the outcome (use my mail please).


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