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Re: Troubles with my thinkpad e560 ev0

stuv schreef op 2018-03-11 18:22:
Hi everyone,

i've installed debian 9 stable and everything is working so far..

one of the troubles is the graphics - it has an intel and an amd radeon
card installed and at boot time (after grub) i've to enter my
username/pw to procceed (just hitting enter does the thing also)..

i tried everything like firmware-amd-graphics or firmware-misc-nonfree
and other stuff but i'm not able to get rid of the login nor do i get
the 3d card working :X

here the data you need to help me to resolve the issue(s): (http://past

Maybe there are some clues in your Xorg.*.log file?
You can find this log in ~/.local/share/xorg/ or in /var/log/


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