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Install stretch problem......

	Hello Everyone
	On an Acer Aspire 5720 installed Debian Stretch on
	formatted hard drive, native Debian, no other operating system.

The only thing I have done different which I have never done
previously, is have only partitioned the hard drive with a root [/]
partition, a swap partition and a /home partition.

In other installs have /usr - /var as separate partitions as well.

Everything works well for the first few boots, then fails, this the last
message on the screen:

[31.689075] 0000:00:02.0: fb0 inteldtmfb buffer device

Have installed twice and stops at the same point. Can't be forced on
from there.

The "intel" part might be a clue?

I have installed without doing anything with eufi or whatever, and also
forcing GRUB to make it's own eufi path.

No joy.

Any thoughts and help would be appreciated to attempt at the next


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