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Re: hwclock incorrectly set ?

On 10/03/18 20:46, Rick Thomas wrote:
Based on your experiment, we can say that your hardware clock is running about 47 seconds ahead of your system clock.  This can be corrected by running the command (as root) “hwclock ––systohc”.  If that gets rid of your problem, great!  If not, or if it goes away for a while then returns, your hardware clock may be drifting (i.e. running faster or slower than real time).  In that case, you will need to do “hwclock ––systohc ––update-drift” a few times each a day or two apart.

Note that these commands should have "--" double hyphens not "––" double en-dashes. Rick's email client (Mac OS X Mail 7.3?) has (un)helpfully converted the hyphens to en-dashes (0x96 in charset=windows-1252), which will not work when cut and pasted to a terminal.

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