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Re: Help needed with home network configuration

Johann Spies wrote:
> For many years I have used my desktp as a network/firewall server with
> two interfaces one facing the internet (through ADSL) and the other the
> local network.
> Now I have a fibre connection and for a month both connections will be
> available in parallel.
> I have decided to use my Raspberry Pi3 as the firewall/network server in
> future but have after many hours failed to do so successfully.
> [...]
> I really do not know the way forward from here.  Help will be
> appreciated.
> Regards
> Johann

The rpi is a little anemic (especially given "fiber" connectivity).  If
you're looking for a debian-based box, why not something like a Ubiquiti
EdgeRouter?  I've used them all over the place - quite solid little
units, most of them are a steal at twice the price.

Granted, they're somewhat geared towards "businesses", and so don't come
with wifi built in. You could add a UniFi access point, or if having an
"all-in-one" solution is desired, their more "consumer-oriented" AmpliFi
line may be a good fit.

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