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Re: Multichannel audio listening

On 03/08/2018 03:43 PM, Don Armstrong wrote:
On Thu, 08 Mar 2018, Doug wrote:
Somewhat off topic, but I'd like to know, if anyone reading here does,
what to do with a phono player that has four-channel output: Four RCA
jacks in the familiar red and black colors. I know there were for a
short time four-channel disks, but I only have a modern stereo input
amplifier. I believe that the original intent was to have two speakers
in front of you, and two speakers behind you. And of course, I only
have stereo (2-channel) recordings. Anyone know what to do with these

Basically, unless you have quadraphonic vinyl, and the right stylus for
the quadraphonic mode, you probably don't care about the rear channels.
[And really, you probably want a better turntable and stylus anyway.]

I appreciate the response. I actually have a better turntable, but it doesn't play
78 RPM records, nor does it drop them--the 4-channel device is a changer.
Most of the time, I am perfectly happy with my AR turntable, but I do have a
few 78s kicking around, and some less-critical 33⅓s that I would be willing to drop.
One gets badly spoiled by media that will play for a half hour or more!

I will play with the output ports. I suspect that the machine does have a
quad pickup, and I will think about finding a stereo cartridge and replacing
what's there, assuming one can still buy a magnetic stereo cartridge!


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