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Re: set default print options on printer

On 2018-03-08, Brian <ad44@cityscape.co.uk> wrote:
> Okular uses the default size setting in the PPD if nothing else overrides
> it. If it is offering A4, it is being informed of the "correct" size by
> something.

I was considering '/etc/papersize' as a possible culprit. I'm not sure
how the contents of that file (as well as the PAPERSIZE environment
variable, if it exists) articulates with CUPS' lpoptions and the default
size setting in PPD.

curty@einstein:~$ paperconf

That's what I want (reflecting the contents of /etc/papersize here).

> Please post the output of 'lpoptions -p <C410_queue_name>.
>> Any ideas on what is causing this and how do I correct it?
> Do you have an lpoptions file in /etc/cups or $HOME/.cups?

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