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Re: Add kernel parameter to specific kernel using grub?

Boyan Penkov <boyan.penkov@gmail.com> writes:

>Hello folks,
>Let's say I have two kernels -- the default that's maintained by the
>distro, and one that I'm playing with that I compile from source to
>get dpkgs. Call the distro one linux4.4 and "mine" -- linux4.16 (for
>reference, all this is playing out on an ubuntu system...not sure if
>that will garner me some eyerolls.... ;) ).
>I'm using 4.16 to test the effects of BFQ, and 4.4 because I need a
>fallback. With that in mind, I'd like to pass the kernel parameter
>"elevator=bfq" to 4.16 ONLY (and not 4.4).
>Does anybody know where to look to add this to /etc/default/grub.cfg
>without passing the parameter to all kernels that are then found after
>grub-mkconfig (which will inevitably run after a few instances of sudo
>apt-get update && sudo apt-get dist-upgrade)?
what i know works is to put a custom menu definition in /etc/grub.d
which then gets including in grub.cfg.  You can copy one from grub.cfg
and modify it. it goes in 01-vmlinuz or 40_custom depending on where you
want them in grub.cfg.

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