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Stretch and Gnome 3 : defining a new keyboard shortcut

Hi to Everyone,

On my new Debian Stretch with Gnome 3.22, I wanted to define a keyboard shortcut to launch an Xterm. If I go to 'Settings' ==> 'Parameters' ==> 'Keyboard', and '+' at the bottom of the list so as to add a new personnalized shortcut, a new box get displayed, in which I am supposed to write a name, a command name, and define a shortcut. As for 'name', I entered 'Terminal', and as for command name, I wrote :'gnome-terminal', since this is what works in a terminal whenever you want to open an extra one.

But this didn't work ! Once this entered, the system did not allow me to define a keyboard shortcut, only to 'modify'.

I tried to replace 'gnome-terminal' by '/usr/bin/gnome-terminal' and by './/usr/bin/gnome-terminal', but none of these worked either.

What should I do to enter that personalized keyboard shortcut ?

Thanks in advance for your help


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