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Re: cant configure drawing tablet in debian stretch cinnamon


On 06. 03. 2018 18:36, Thomas Waldl wrote:
I just installed the latest debian stretch net installer with cinnamon, and I happen to not be able to configure my wacom tablet throught the menu options. Configuring it manually via console and xsetwacom commands works perfectly.

You really should provide more details if you want someone to help you. What does "not be able to configure" mean? Is it not detected at all or do the settings (which ones?) not have any effect? What Wacom tablet exactly are you using? Did it work for you on Jessie?

I am using a Wacom CTL480 with Stretch and GNOME 3 and the settings under "Wacom Tablet" in the GNOME control center work correctly for me. I don't use Cinnamon though, so I don't know what could be wrong in your case.

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